Nina Emlen

Doula • childbirth educator

Nina Emlen hosts the pregnancy and postpartum support groups at 54 Herrick and is the owner of Emlen Family Doula. Since the birth of her first son over 6 years ago Nina has become fiercely passionate about supporting women and families during pregnancy, birth, and into the postpartum days, weeks, and months. Her services are compassionate, judgement-free and mother-focused in an effort to make the transition to parenthood (or life with more children) as joyful and grounded in community as possible. For more information please visit emlenfamilydoula.com


Kari Guillen


Having grown up on MDI, Kari has recently returned to the island to practice. She utilizes acupuncture and biomagnetic pair therapy to help bring the body and health back into optimal efficiency. Kari specializes in an ancient lineage of Chinese pulse reading to create treatments aimed toward getting to the root of existing concerns and preventing possible future imbalance. For more information please visit KariGuillen.com


Hayley Merchant

Co-FOUNDER, Essential energetics provider

Hayley Merchant is a practitioner of energy therapy who has studied over the last 15 years with luminaries in the field such as Barbara Brennan, Rosita Arvigo and most recently as an ongoing student of Cyndi Dale. Hayley works with layers of the subtle body and brings to her work a unique ability to hear and then translate the deepest gifts and longings of the human spirit into humorous stories and deeply relevant and transformational insights.


Mahandeva Singh

Yoga Therapist

Mahandeva Singh has completed a Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and Yoga Alliance (YA) certified teacher training as well as a three-year International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) training with Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. Mahandeva has extensive experience in supporting trauma survivors, as well as those struggling with chronic illness or pain, sleep disorders, stress/anxiety, and depression. Above all, Mahandeva believes that we are all here, in these bodies, on this planet to do our Soul's work. He is deeply honored to have the opportunity to witness and hold space for the healing journey of others. Visit mahandevasingh.com for more information.


Sarah Tewhey

Co-FOUNDER, Acupuncturist•herbalist•DOULA

Sarah has provided gentle acupuncture and herbal medicine to the Mt. Desert Island community since 2009. She specializes in women’s health throughout life and maternal health during pregnancy, birth and beyond and attends both in and out of hospital births. For more information about Sarah’s practice visit sarahtewhey.com


Courtney Vashro

Co-FOUNDEr, massage therapist • aromatherapist

Courtney’s passion for Anatomy and Physiology, and deep wonder of the fascial system, led her to take a pause from her career as a marine mammalogist to attend Finger Lakes School of Massage (NY 04’). Along with marine work, Courtney now specializes in integrative massage and John F. Barnes Myofascial Release. She is committed listening to one’s system to help facilitate effective and therapeutic bodywork. She is known both for her skill and for the loving and safe environment she creates for her clients. She is often accompanied by her therapy dog Sargeant snoozing in the corner, bringing extra love and energy into the room.